Engineering Energy Cost Reductions

"There's a way to do it better – find it," a fitting quote by Thomas Edison and our motto at the Industrial Energy Alliance. Through system monitoring, client interviews, sound engineering principles and an energy perspective, we strive to not only identify but facilitate the installation of Energy Efficiency Measures at Industrial and Manufacturing facilities. Our sought after objective is an Energy Efficiency enabled Positive Cash Flow for our clients.

IEA develops working alliances with the electric or gas end user in order to understand and appreciate site specific needs; energy savings is for naught if process requirements and reliability aren't maintained. Once these requirements are taken into considering, we go beyond an engineering study and help facilitate the implementation of the identified energy savings. Always driven by project Return on Investment, solutions don't always require the purchase of new, costly equipment and hardware. More often than not, since we don't sale equipment, we're able to identify low cost energy saving opportunities. Aligning perfectly with the Industrial end user, our currency is their energy cost savings.

Through partnerships with the Utility companies, IEA also facilitates the energy efficiency incentives and rebates that are often available. We provide the necessary engineering, data collection, documentation submission and energy savings verification to the respective Utilities. Furthermore, in many cases, there are no out of pocket costs for the end user, as our services are paid for by the Utility companies or the saved energy through a Performance Contract.

The Industrial Energy Alliance has identified and seen the implementation of over 100 million kWh of electricity savings during our 15 years of experience with industrial and manufacturing facilities. We look forward to reducing the energy costs at other industrial facilities, and in the process, mitigating the need for new Power Plants.