Offset Printing

$128,860 per year energy cost savings was achieved by installing a new digital press. The Offset Printing facility received a $103,000 incentive for this upgrade.

The baseline press utilized a 1980's offset web press for the purpose of printing two specific publications; operation was 7 days a week. The energy baseline for the existing press system was measured 387 kW average and 3,281,000 kWh per year.

A digital press system capable of producing the same publication output in nearly half the time was identified after research and thorough analysis of the auxiliary energy inputs. This digital press optimized the energy intensity, i.e. the press output per kWh consumed. The result was the ability to shut the press and auxiliary loads off three days a week which resulted in an energy savings of over 50%.

The post installation energy and production output was measured and averaged in order to verify that 256 kW and 1,288,186 kWh ($128,860) per year was saved. The project received a $103,000 Energy Efficiency incentive from the electric utility company. 0k ($0.10 per kWh).