About Us

Engineering Energy Cost Reductions

"There's a way to do it better – find it," a fitting quote by Thomas Edison and our motto at the Industrial Energy Alliance. Through system monitoring, client interviews, sound engineering principles and an energy perspective, we strive to not only identify but facilitate the installation of Energy Efficiency Measures at Industrial and Manufacturing facilities. Our sought after objective is an Energy Efficiency enabled Positive Cash Flow for our clients.... read more

Savings through Retro-commissioning

Through experience we have learned that often the most viable Energy Cost reduction opportunities are those that require modifying the process to operate the way that was originally designed and/or accommodate the ever changing process. Whether it's compressed air leaks, a warn vertical turbine water pump, or new loads on a process cooling system, the odds are against Industry's effort to maintain optimal energy efficiency.... read more

Efficient Energy Monitoring

You can't manage what you don't monitor. All too often energy consumers large and small assume they're operating their equipment and systems in the most efficient manner possible because they installed a new variable speed compressor, system automation or efficient chiller. However, process demands change, components break, maintenance is postponed, and, quite often, the result is paying more for energy than what is necessary... read more