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Engineering Energy Cost Reductions

"There's a way to do it better – find it," a fitting quote by Thomas Edison and our motto at the Industrial Energy Alliance. Through system monitoring, client interviews, sound... read more

Savings through Retro-commissioning

Through experience we have learned that often the most viable Energy Cost reduction opportunities are those that require modifying the process to operate the way that was originally... read more

Efficient Energy Monitoring

You can't manage what you don't monitor. All too often energy consumers large and small assume they're operating their equipment and systems in the most efficient manner possible... read more

Recent Case Studies


The Southern California refinery used one 700 HP and three 350 HP reciprocating compressors to digest waste... read more

Offset Printing

The baseline press utilized a 1980's offset web press for the purpose of printing two specific publications... read more

Steel Mill

The Steel plant's Rolling Mill Cooling Tower reduces the nominal 70°F water returning from the mill to 60°F... read more

Metal Forging

The Metal Forging Facility Uses compressed air for general shop needs and for their Pneumatic Air Hammers... read more

Biological Insecticide Facility

The Chemical Manufacturing facility uses compressed air as part of their process to grow, aerate, desiccate... read more

Chemical Plating Facility

This Electro-Chemical Plating facility operated motors totaling 435 HP around the clock to meet Air Quality... read more